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Unmask – An idea born out of 2 friends wanting to see each other smile.

Balkrishna Agarwal & Rhythm Agarwal, the founders, when we met each other after the lockdown. What bummed us was we couldn’t identify each other & the worst part? We couldn’t tell if our friend was happy or sad, smiling or frowning behind the mask. When we shared these thoughts with people around us, we are were shocked to know that many people avoid wearing masks for these very reasons. What worried us is the toll it would take on mental health of people in the word devoid of emotions, expressions & communication. After all more than 80% of communication is non-verbal & how would be break the viral chain if people avoid wearing masks.
The solution to all these issues was to have a Transparent Mask to be able to express ourselves with safety, to be able to smile. This would also increase adoption of the masks & that was the only to break the viral chain. We have wanted to bring smiles back to the world. After all the only thing more contagious than a virus is a SMILE.
Initially people didn’t believe, rather even laughed at us that it’s an impossible task. We did almost give-up in more than one occasion but it was the dream that kept us going. With extensive consultation with Industry Leaders, Material Research, 3D Rendering & Modelling we have been able to invent a safe & tested Transparent Mask. The Smiles Mask. So now Unmask Your Smile!

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Rhythm Agrawal

Founder and CEO

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Balkrishna Agarwal


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Ashish shah

Brand Evangelist

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