Transparent Mask


India’s first transparent mask – Unmask is made from Food Grade and Medical Grade Material that keeps the toxic particles away. It’s Adjustable Straps offer a comfortable grip.

Box Contains –

One mask
Two Filters
Two Straps
User Manal

No more stretching/ pressuring your ears. The mask has an Ideal face-fitting Length of 100mm that covers the area from the bridge of the nose to the lower area of the chin. The mask is Facelock friendly. Which means you can unlock digital devices even with the mask on. No more fogged vision. Because your Unmask is Spectacle Friendly.

This is India’s first fully transparent mask which has many functionalities and attains to most of the issues that we are facing one of these is the not able to recognize and identify each other. Mask contains 5 layer of filter with carbonated layer in between for extra safety and is made of baby soft material and thus the mask can be reusable after washing every time you use it and it has reverse cyclonic airflow, is made with European and Japanese standard material, easily face recognition even unlock iphones using face id. The design helps no fogging on the spectacles making it very essential for daily use and infused with anti-microbial which makes it more safe by not letting any of the bacteria or viruses thrive onto the surface of the mask.



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